Research Interests

  • Dynamic soil properties for soil health assessment
  • Landscape- and regional-scale variability in dynamic soil properties
  • Evidence synthesis and research synthesis methods
  • Application of informatics tools and techniques in soil science


  • Jelinski, N. A., Perrone, S. V., Blair, H. K., & Fabian, M. L. (2020). Growing hearts and minds: Linking landscapes and lifescapes in a soils field course. Natural Sciences Education, 49(1), e20018-e20018. doi:10.1002/nse2.20018
  • Blair, H., Kocher, M., Lafferty, M., & Gutknecht, J. L. (2020). Soil health umbrella review: Systematic evaluation of meta-analyses addressing the response of soil health indicators to agricultural management. Retrieved from (Pre-registration of systematic review protocol).


  • "Healthier soil, layer by layer". University of Minnesota Extension - Source Magazine. 27 March 2020.

Written by Hava Blair. PhD student at University of Minnesota. Excited about soil, open science, data synthesis, and effective science communication. Follow on twitter.